Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oliver Campbell Presents: Metro City Boys Podcast #1: What About Pilots?

(Disclosure: I am a regular when Oliver streams at Twitch, and a moderator in his chat.)

Oliver Campbell launched a podcast on Sunday, the Metro City Boys, and after some tech issues he got it up and running. This was a pilot episode, the try-out and shakedown cruise sort of affair, and expectations for we who were there live adjusted our expectations accordingly. The initial episode went for just over two hours, and I'll make it easy for you by embedding it below.

So, why put this show on instead of Totalbiscuit's Co-Optional Podcast? That's the question most of you will ask, and I'm going to say right now that this question is irrelevant and unfair, so set that aside. Co-Optional is well-established, with a known format and dynamics between hosts that they've established (and have so well enough to use it as the basis for animated shorts). Metro City Boys is new and still in flux in terms of its format and emphasis. As with any new show, there's going to be a period of time wherein the show finds its feet before it settles down and gets on with fulfilling its mission in earnest. Give this podcast time to carve out its place among its peers. That's all I ask, and send any feedback directly to Oliver.

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