Monday, October 17, 2016

The Empire Strikes Back (At Wikileaks)

This weekend had its big push from the Empire come at the end of Sunday. It started with this:

We later got word as to who the state actor was.

This meant the activating of certain protocols, some of which were the release of hashes--keys authenticating a given file, proving possession and authenticity without release thereof--which Wikileaks tweeted out:

Shit got real.

The Obama Administration is in the tank for Crooked Hillary. While most of us assumed so, it's another thing to see such overt action being taken and on such a grand scale. The issue isn't confined to Assange; other operatives have had their access cut.

Zerohedge is on this story right here, so there's one place to check for follow-ups. Breitbart is also on this, and so is Infowars; all three outlets know damn well what this action means, and coupled with Obama's illegal surrender of U.S. oversight of the Internet to the United Nations (and the majority of states that want to lock it down therein), this can only be taken as one thing: The Empire Strikes Back.

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