Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Podesta Emails, American Rome, and Crooked Hillary w/ Sargon of Akkad

Wikileaks has had more impact in the last few weeks than they have in all the years previous. There's a lot of emails from Crooked Hillary and her allies to sort through. Just reading a few a day will take you years, and that's assuming nothing else comes out. Fortunately we've got some folks willing and able to plow through many at a time and do so before a live audience. Enter British YouTube user Sargon of Akkad, a Classical Liberal (and therefore not keen on Wicked Hillary). He did a livestream with another European YouTube user, Vee, about these emails.

Sargon's well-known for his moderate position, informed by his adherence to the Enlightenment, so he's no Alt-Right guy. Most folks become familiar with him through his ongoing series "This Week in Stupid", such as what I'll embed below.

What Sargon can be relied upon is to do his best to get away from Rhetoric and move towards Dialectic. You can count on him to prefer Dialectic, and will go that way whenever he can, which is why he's not keen on SJWs or any other form of cultism or identity politics. That, in turn, means that he's open to good-faith engagements on the evidence.

And he gets into it. I watched this live, and while he's definitely taking it seriously he's doing what he can to maintain a sense of perspective. That matters, because it produces videos like the one below where he draws parallels between the U.S. now and Rome's Republican period.

Don't dismiss that short video. Sargon's a smart guy with a sense of history, and he's talking sense given his interests and perspective- a sensibility that would not be unwelcome in the United States. Put all that evidence before him, let him sift through it, and trust him to use that skill at logic and reason to arrive at a conclusion. If you're a regular at all, then you know where this goes.

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