Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Steam's Halloween Sale

If you listen carefully, you can hear the screams of Steam wallets the world over as they hear that another big holiday sale has come. (Louder ones realize that this is one of two, with the Christmas sale yet to come.) The Halloween Sale has arrived, and damn if there isn't something for damn near every gamer in the sale. Some of them aren't even horror-themed games.

The discounts range from the pathetic (10%? Come the fuck on!) to the Oh-My-God depths (90%!). Some of what's on offer is what you'd expect: the Left 4 Dead series, Dead Space series, Killing Floor series, both How 2 Survive games, and so on. What I'm going to note (and link to) below are games I think are particularly notable and (if you're into that genre and don't have it for PC yet) you should get it.

  • Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide: This is Left 4 Dead for the fantasy set, with an emphasis on melee combat. Four players, four heroes, horde mode gameplay with special monsters all in the decaying and threatening Gothic styled Warhammer Fantasy world. Good fun co-operative play, and very much a game that rewards teamwork.
  • Darkest Dungeon: It's a single-player game, but this game is very good for livestreamers to play because it is turn-based in its nature when delving into various parts of the dungeon. This is a roguelike crawler--your heroes are expendable, so perma-death is a thing--where the real persistent character is the Estate you develop over the course of the campaign. It too is Gothic in style, and Lovecraft is all over the place. The Narrator's voice will enchant you. Get this game.
  • The Banner Saga/The Banner Saga 2: These two single-player warband-centric RPGs are heavy on the Norse themes and mythological roots, and they are fantastic games delivering fantastic experiences. Choices made have consequences; choices made in Saga 1 carry over to Saga 2. If you love making calls and games about leadership as well as personal effort, these are for you.
  • Castle Crashers: Behemoth's brilliant four-player co-operative side-scrolling brawler is hardly a horror title, but at 80% off it is too good to pass up. (Battleblock Theater is also on sale, and worth getting; yes, there is a bundle.) Yes, even if you already have it on your console(s) of choice, for this price (A whopping $3!) why not have it for your Steam library?
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: This CRPG adaptation of (now-defunct) White Wolf's ambition and pretentious tabletop RPG of personal horror (which really was Superhumans With Fangs in actual play) is a cult classic for a reason, with it being a superior representation of what the game is meant to be (instead of what it is) to what most experiences in tabletop or in LARP ever were or are now. If you like VtM, get this and play the hell out of it.
  • Salt and Sanctuary: Want a side-scrolling Dark Souls style of game? Here you go, complete with a cutesy (by comparison) art style. It's a Souls-style game; if you like that, you'll get into this.
  • Ember: This is an isometric CRPG, done by folks who know this specific style and genre of RPG, and feels much like a love-letter to the classics of years before. If you like this genre, you should give this a try.

Not an exhaustive or definitive list, of course, but enough to get you feeling your Steam wallet's pain. Enjoy and game on.

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