Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cernovich Shows How It's Done

Mike Cernovich put up a post on his blog today showing how well his writing business is doing. Gorilla Mindset alone pulls in $18K+ a month in revenue for him, and he's got other books as well as other revenue streams going for him.

I'm posting about him (again) and this (again) because he's walking what he talks; he's demonstrating the rewards that comes from all of his hustling--and the man hustles--so he shows you that what he's offering is the real deal. I talk him up because there are so few men like him out there: men who are clean, clear, concise, and concrete in his dealings. He's putting in plain terms what all of us should've gotten from our fathers when we were children about what this world--this life--is and how to make it work for you (and why it is that way), and he doesn't waste time smoothing it over because he doesn't give a fuck about anyone unwilling to embrace the truth.

Now that he's showing what--for many people--is the real question ("Does doing what he says pay off well enough to go with it?") I fully expect a surge in people following Cernovich's lead. More specific to the publishing world, including the writing world, what this means is concrete and verifiable evidence that Traditional Publishing is for suckers now and Indie is where it's at hereafter. Be it wholly independent or working with an upstart business like Castallia House (and Mike's done both), this is the hotness now and if you're wanting to break away from the dying light of Traditional Publishing he is the example to follow.

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