Saturday, August 27, 2016

The CON Confirming the Storm: Anti-GG Exposed

Recently, chat logs involving the core of the SJWs opposing GamerGate got exposed. One of those involved, Ian Miles Cheong, confirmed these logs as accurate. These logs confirm that Anti-GamerGate, as a distinct entity, existed and was indeed guilty of all allegations. Of course there has been multiple livestreams going over them. The Honey Badgers' stream is what I'm putting in below.

If you want something written, Bonegolem has you covered. His article processes the raw logs and nails down all of the facts contained within them. The SJWs are guilty; they lied about it all, projected all of it on us, and doubled-down when called on it. They're doing it now. Praise Kek, and Happy (2nd) Birthday GamerGate!

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