Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SJWs Always Double-Down: The Retreat to Tabletop RPGs.

I warned you. I fucking warned you that the SJWs would retreat to tabletop gaming in general, and tabletop RPGs in particular, now that they're taking losses in videogames, SF/F publishing, and feature films. I warned you that they would use the convention scene to centralize influence and power over the business and culture before pushing back out.

GenCon just happened. They're doing it.

The Social Justice cult has had this niche for years, because they held the "cities" (online communities) and through them entered the big companies (Wizards of the Coast, chiefly) to use to enter into videogame outfits. The fan conventions are the means by which they first hopped to videogames, with aide from their position in SF/F publishing (which tabletop RPGs also aided in converging with the post-D&D wave of authors). Now that they're losing elsewhere, they've retrenched here.

No. No safe space here for them.

They think they've saved themselves because they're in a city, a walled city. They don't realize that they've retreated into a deathtrap. As Caesar did to Vericingetorix at Alesia, so must we do to them now. Take their walled gardens and turn them into asylums. Encircle them, cut them off, and wait. They'll inevitably revert to type and act out, and when we do we put the Eye of Normie on them.

"Muh Diversity!" - no, you're just another fucking racist and sexist, and you're delusional to boot.

"Muh Representation!" - no, you're just another moralizing fraud devoid of empathy and imagination.

"Muh Empowerment!" - no, you just another lying hack who has to rip off or ruin because you can't create.

"Muh Oppression!" - no, you live in the West; you are NOT, and NEVER HAVE BEEN, oppressed.

Gawker's fate will be theirs, and that of what they converged, once the normies see them for what they are. Start up the Disrepectful Nods, add them to the SJW List, and start taking away their friendly spaces in the convention world. Cut off their funds, cut off their attention, undermine their relevance, and watch them eat each other like ravenous sharks to avoid oblivion. Then, when they sally forth, break them!

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