Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Bi-Annual Plea to Vote Absentee Fellow Americans

Today was Primary Election Day in Minnesota (and several other states, but I ain't an election judge there). Neither of the notable races in the state were ones I had any say in, so do excuse me for not paying much attention to them right now. What I can say for certain is that being the guinea pig for the new technology used to check in registered voters, register new voters, and refer errant voters to where they ought to be will need a little tinkering to make it work smoothly in November.

Which reminds me: if you can vote Absentee in your state, DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! The General Election is going to be a fucking madhouse from sea to sea. You do NOT want to take part of that hassle if you can avoid it. Get your ballot filled out and turned in well before the fact, and then treat that day in November like any other. Eliminate the stress, the hassle, and the bother of going to the polls; you'll be glad you did, and so will the election judges and other officials.

Vote at home, in your pajamas, over breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee while looking up information on candidates down the ballot of the Presidency. Especially for local officials, initiatives, and referenda. You need not have to make rushed, ill-informed decisions while on your lunch hour. In Minnesota, you need no excuse anymore to vote absentee, so put in the request and be like me: Vote Absentee. For the rest of the U.S., check your state statutes.

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