Friday, July 8, 2016

The American Fabric Unravels

I am witnessing the first shots of the Second American Civil War, and it is happening as I expected that it would. The previous war was a very civil affair, as monstrous and bloody as it was, compared to what is now coming about. Vox Day has good posts up at his blog. Go read them, as they are very good reading on the matter at hand.

The ambushes on local police in the wake of the Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights killings of blacks by police are escalating in frequency. Soon they will escalate in violence, making the Dallas incident seem quaint. Expect this to continue through the Summer in the United States. (I'd be similarly wary throughout the Western world- especially if existing tensions can be easily inflamed and thus escalated.)

Once enough cops get the business end of guerilla warfare, the Feds will escalate it further and then the Feds get shot and blown up. This will push a Martial Law initiative, and if that goes through there is no coming back. The war is here, and it has to be played through to end it. That is the bitch of this situation; even if you know what the real deal is, you still have to play along if you want to stay alive because being dead is useless to you and yours.

Let's see how this Summer shakes out, and hope that by the turn to Autumn we still have something to work with.

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