Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Brief Message for Creators, Gamers, and Others Bothered by SocJus Cultists

It is this simple, folks: you don't have to do a god-damned thing.

"Muh Diversity!", "Muh Representation!" and all that are worthless mindfucks meant to allow people who are not you to fuck with what you make and share with the world. Fuck them, sideways, with a shovel covered in shit and burrs.

They're out to fuck with your head because they suck ass and refuse to Git Gud. They won't put in the work to do what they demand out of you, and they fear that they'll fail in the attempt, so they want to seize what you've built and make it satisfy their desires above all others. The suck rivals you have turn to the cult to bolster their flagging fortunes, in the hopes of either putting you under their thumb or taking you out.

Fuck ALL of that. You don't need a single word of that crap. It's not their thing. It's your thing. Fuck them. Your thing. Your creation. Your game. Your fun. Not theirs. NEVER theirs. You do what YOU want!.

Be true to yourself and your vision for your thing. Let them howl impotently. SJWs always lie, double-down, and project. But that's about all they do, because they are cowardice and dullards consumed by envy and poisoned by jealousy. Hold fast and you will break through. Break through and you will break away from them.

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