Saturday, July 9, 2016

Razorfist: Deeper into THE SHADOW - Razör vs. Comics

Movies! Comics! Pulps! Radio! You name it, The Shadow has done it. RazörFist recommends 10 of his personal favorites.

You've seen The Shadow in comics. Now, in the second part of this two-part series on the character, The Shadow falls over ALL Media!

Shadow Pulps can be found (for less than on Amazon) here!

Shadow Radio Shows can be found here.

This, again, demonstrates why Razorfist is up for a Hugo award. He deserves it. More than anyone else in his category, he deserves to win that award. This is the sort of material he releases on a regular basis, especially where genre fiction media is concerned. I've taken the liberty of making his links above in the quoted part easier for you to follow, and I urge you to do so.

This video should amaze you. It's him and his editor buddy doing these videos, folks. Two men, yet slick and professional in quality. You too can do this, if you are willing and able to put in the work that they did to Git Gud enough to pull videos like this off, and that should be putting your mind on fire with the possibilities for you to find your own success.

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