Saturday, July 23, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Wikileaks Exposes the DNC/MSM Axis of SJWs

Wikileaks released about 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee the other day.

The accusations of collusion and fixing between the DNC and the mainstream media establishment are now proven beyond reasonable doubt. Email after email, searchable at the above link, reveals collusion and collaboration between the media outlets and the Democratic Party about fixing all part of the cultural and political narrative required to rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Of course, said media establishment isn't reporting on it. They're scrambling to fix the narrative shift back into their favor. Meanwhile, the social media outlets reveal their own concurrence with this convergence fixing by removing links and posts as well as suppressing algorithm-based searches for it. Social Justice death cultists within and around them swarm to defend the shuddering narrative from this assault.

Cernovich and others have had good articles on the matter, which includes spotlights on unethical and illegal behaviors (such as these below).

Wikileaks is based enough now, after seeing how wretched the establishment is, to give zero fucks about their reactions.

What we see here is clear evidence that the DNC is wholly SJW-converged, the MSM is wholly SJW-converged, and the big social media outlets are also SJW-converged. They are SJWs, and SJWs Always Lie.

Let's review then:

  1. SJWs Always Lie.
  2. SJWs Always Double-Down.
  3. SJWs Always Project.

As a natural, and inevitable, conclusion to this behavior I add the following:

SJWs Always Sacrifice YOU For Power.

See that? That's how the Dems see you: Human Fucking Cattle. To be herded while useful, consumed, and then discarded when inconvenient. As we see here in these internal party emails, we see in their policies and in their actions. (Most notable recent example: Benghazi.) They are willing to commit whatever violation, great or small alike, to fix the fight in their favor- and then throw you on the altar slab to have your blood shed and your heart cut out to be sacrificed to their masters. They are Gul'dan's Shadow Council writ large and in the real world; at this point, I'd not be shocked to find literal human sacrifices to be a thing they do.

If you have the good sense God gave to a retarded Rhesus monkey afflicted with Syphilis and suffering seizures while strung out on meth, take your own damned side for once and don't vote for Hillary Clinton. Stop listening to the mainstream media; don't even believe their damn weather forecasts. They're a bunch of lying, thieving degenerate death cultists out to kill you and corrupt your children into more of them. Defend yourselves.

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