Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Life in Fandom: SDCC Reveals Bore Me


That's what I've gotten out of the reveals. Nothing seriously blew me away. Nothing excited my passions. No "FUCK YES!" moments. Some cringing, but that's about it. Nothing like the Deadpool reveal. Nothing like Fellowship of the Ring or An Unexpected Journey. Nothing that grabbed my attention, seized it with a death grip, and compelled me to go see it.

I would rather watch Mobile Suit Gundam again, either the original series or one of its many offshoots. I will, in a heartbeat, go watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes in its entirety than see any of these films or shows- and fuck the comics.

Marvel's got nothing I haven't already seen on show, and the crap is starting to seep through. (Yes, Agent Carter went to crap fast and I'm glad it only took two miniseries to get it killed; Agents of SHIELD is also turning to crap, but it's a load-bearing pillar so it's not likely to get canned soon.) DC's trying hard to catch up in quality, but they're still trying too hard. The comics need to be thrown into the chambers and gassed, across the board.

Rogue One lost my interest, and Episode 8 has yet to be anything but rumors and speculation. The new Rebels season brings Thrawn back, which should be good if they don't fuck it up. Young Han Solo is a cypher at this time, so I don't care.

At least E3 had a few titles to get my attention. SDCC had sweet fuck-all, and I'm expecting GenCon to be just as great an exhibition of the utter uselessness of most "creators" in that field as SDCC was to film/TV/comics/SF&F.

Fuck this. I've got reprints of The Shadow to enjoy.


  1. Are you going to GenCon? There's a few things I'm hopeful for, but not like years past.

    1. Alas, no, and if the SJW convergence continues I may never bother going.