Monday, July 25, 2016

The DNC Meets In Philadephia. Popcorn Sales Spike.

Oh look, it's Monday and the Democratic National Convention is already on fire and looking like something Snake Pliskin would blow up.

With Wikileaks looking to hit the Dems again this week with yet more emails exposing how they and the media establishment are arms of the same death cult, we're looking to see some epic levels of DARVO and flat-out fuckwittery as desperate cultists try not to fry their own brains keeping up with the narrative shifts done in the style of a crackmonkey having seizures.

With yet more terror attacks coming out, and yet more reports getting past foreign media establishment suppression of the real reactions (e.g. Europeans want their own guns now since their states cannot--and often will not--protect them) and go viral, the call for Nationalism and the sort of strong leadership Nationalism demands will grow. Then the Saxons start hating, and their counterparts elsewhere start hating, and Shit Gets Real.

And yet we've already seen that the Dems, and Hillary in particular, act as if they own the West and can do what they want with it. Nevermind the screams of those outside and the protests of those inside--the double-levels of walling off is very telling--or the incessant Narrative Warfare by the very mainstream media implicated by Wikileaks as being corrupt and biased in ways Goebbels would never imagine. The result? Get used to the following sentiment, be it earnest or ironic, building to President Trump.


In the meantime, invest in popcorn stocks. You'll get a YUGE return by the end of the year.

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