Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The War In Europe Is Already Here

In Normandy, France a Muslim on limited release due to previous Jihadist deeds stormed a church and killed the elderly priest, beheading him with a knife.

There has been some Jihadist attack in Europe every day or so for over a week now. Some use firearms (which are difficult to acquire legally in most European states), some used knives or similar tools, and some (such as the attack in Nice, France) used ordinary civilian automobiles as kinetic-kill weapons. This escalation in the frequency of attacks is no accident; it is intentional, and its intent is to destroy the native nations of Europe by breaking their will to resist.

The frequency of incidence has greatly accelerated from the Bataclan attack in Paris last year. Yet the European elites in government and the media, mirroring their North American and Australian/New Zealand counterparts, insist on the narrative that blames the West and Civilization for these attacks- they blame the victims. Even the current Pope gets in on the treason. They would rather make common cause with the very aliens and foreigners committing these attacks than serve the nations that put them into power.

The European elites, and their media friends, are traitors to their own nations and countries- to Civilization and the West. They are the 5th Column against Europe itself, in league with the invasion from the Muslim world--the Orcs at the Gates--and work with it to exterminate Europe's native nations for its own ends.

When the State betrays the Nation, the State's legitimacy no longer exists and need not be obeyed.

The State is your enemy, my European cousins. You are on your own, able only to rely on those of you who remain true to yourselves and take your own side first and foremost. If the State dares say you cannot arm yourself, then the State is your enemy- arm yourself. If the State dares say you cannot defend yourself and your own, then the State is your enemy- strike the traitors down for your own safety. Deal with the orcs as you must until you have dealt with your rogue States, because without a loyal State you will be pressed on two fronts and will be unlikely to win against either. Not all of your elites, however, are traitors.

This is why I say to you to deal with your States first, so that those loyal still can seize power and wield the resources of the State as they are meant to be used: for the sole benefit of the nation and its posterity. The orcs will be sorted once you bring the State to heel and once more yoke it to your will.

You are at war, my European cousins, as we are. It only takes one to start a war, and they started it. If you don't want to be utterly exterminated, then you must take up arms and fight back. You're on Death Ground: FIGHT!

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