Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The DNC Walkout The Establishment Media Wants To Ignore

The Democrats are fucked. The Republicans can and will recover after purging the Neo-Conservatives and other Globalist traitors from their ranks, but the Democrats are so thoroughly riddled with Globalism and its Social Justice/Neo-Liberal offshoots that the party will be mortally wounded once Hillary either loses to Trump or wins by the same fraud that got her into the party nomination.

And it gets a lot worse for the Dems, as this Ben Swann video makes clear:

If the Dems would do this to their internal primary process, then there is no reason to not presume that they would not try to fix the General Election. Daddy Warpig called for election monitoring at every precinct in the country, and he's not wrong to do so; many states--Minnesota being one of them--allows for such monitoring and (speaking as a serving Election Judge) I encourage you to do so if your state allows you to under the relevant election statutes.

And, for the love of God, stop listening to the establishment media. They're lying to you; why do you believe them?

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