Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson & Tommy Robinson: The 'Religion of Peace'

Tommy Robinson - the most "hated" or bravest man in Britain, discusses the beheading of a French priest in Normandy, as well as the "religion of peace" and how Europe is being culturally enriched by millions of Muslim migrants.

He predicts a "revolution" is coming as a result of this massive upheaval.

Tommy on Twitter:

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I am familiar with this problem. I am intimately familiar with it, as I lived this sort of insanity for 10 of the first 13 years of my life.

This is how bullying works, and bullying works on basic predator-prey psychology. These "Syrian" (as The Syrian Girl rightly points out, few of them are actually Syrian) invaders are predators that operate both as individuals and as packs. They sense that Europeans (and we, their counterparts worldwide in the rest of the West) are weak, and so they treat us as prey. They mock us as bullies mock the weak, because they see the West as weak and hold us in contempt. Only might matters, raw might makes right with them, and so The Rule of Law is meaningless- they don't subscribe to it, so they use it against us as they see it as weakness.

As I have said more than once now, The Rule of Law is not a suicide pact. We are not obligated to abide by rules that hobble us in effectively and efficiently exterminating threats to our continued existence. Doing so is insanity, and insanity is weakness. That the State, in all countries of the West (save Eastern Europe), dare to insist on this insanity says that the State is unfit for purpose and must be put down for the good of the Nations of the West and their posterity.

As I have said previously, The Peace of Westphalia is not a suicide pact. We are not obligated to abide by conventions with those who have not subscribed to them and cannot be held to them, be it an alien or foreigner or a treasonous national or agent thereof. As the State insists on the Rule of Law against those who gleefully use it against us to exterminate us, so the State insists on Westphalian conventions to deal with enemies who don't subscribe to them and cannot be compelled to do so- and use them against us with equal glee.

Treasonous globalists allied with murderous aliens against the Nations of the West, aiming to destroy Civilization and all that made it possible, means only that two seemingly-separate social-political death cults are really different fronts serving the same demonic master. Islam is the Enemy Without, a false religion aping Christianity in Arab drag. "Social Justice" and Regressive Leftism (aka Cultural Marxism) is another false religion, claiming to be rational atheism, but nonetheless serving to destroy Christianity and the Civilization it fostered.

War is now inevitable, first civil wars to remove the 5th columnists running the State, and then Reconquests against these hostile aliens. If we are fortunate, these will be mostly bloodless. However, I have greater reason to believe that they will not, and many will suffer and die before this is over and the Cosmic Order inherent to Creation is once more recognized and restored throughout the West.

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