Sunday, July 3, 2016

CONvergence 2016: No Day Four

I saw nothing to attract me back for Sunday. Instead, I slept in back home. I got myself a Steam card, made use of the Steam Summer Sale to knock my Wishlist down by a third, and begin recovering from the convention sooner than otherwise I would.

The reason has far more to do with the obsolesce of the fan convention itself, than any Social Justice convergence bullshit (though that does not help at all), coupled with the decline in the quality of the convention itself since its 10th Anniversary in 2008- a noticeable one since its 15th in 2013, which is when the rot firmly took hold.

But that's not the big point to make here. This is: every quality that made fan conventions appealing is now obsolete and already being replaced. As previously mentioned:

  • Panels/Readings: Videos and livestreams are superior in every way to in-person panels.
  • Cosplay/Masquerade: You're safer to do this as a photo gallery, use video, or livestreams.
  • Dealer Room/Artist's Alley: You're better off setting up a site with a blog, and selling via Amazon.
  • Gaming: Go to their house. Meet online. Play at the store. Only events like The International merit a con-like approach, and you're not going to get into those events. You do, however, have superior quality control.
  • Movie/TV viewing: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming sites beat ALL convention offerings- and you can play as you like, carefully screen your guests, and eat/drink what you like without getting dogged for it.
  • Socialization: If you go to a con to see people you otherwise wouldn't, then you don't want to see them badly enough to actually fucking visit them. Quit being a bitch, admit that you'd rather do something else, and move on already.

This is one of the justifications for the spread of Narrative-pushing content, and Sunday had plenty of it. You want disrupt this crapfest of a convention scene? First, ensure free speedy Wi-Fi for all to enjoy. Second, have URLs handy to point people to over your Wi-Fi; let Amazon deliver to their homes or their phones. Third, provide services vs. goods; folks pay BIG for massages, for example. You want to milk this ride as it goes down? That's three things to do, as they are in demand or provides superior value to what's usually done.

Other Thoughts

I care not about the SJWs I may or may not trigger. They keep no gates from me. They can't dis-employ me or otherwise ruin me; you can't exile someone to the wasteland who's made it his home. They are just another punk bitch to me; they eat, sleep, shit, piss, fuck, breed, and are mostly idiots like everyone else. I don't care about their fame, wealth, opinions, or glamour; they have a narrow range wherein I care to hear what they have to say, and outside of that are no more valid than myself- and that's if they aren't incompetent shitheads. They are disposable, expendable, and fungible and have no hold over me. I see them for the fools that they are, and regard them with indifference if they are lucky. Otherwise, I make sport of them at my pleasure.

Similarly, I can take or leave CONvergence. The function, and value, it once provided has been superseded by cheaper, easier, and decentralized alternatives. Furthermore, those clustering around fan conventions are very much a malfunctioning cult of dullards run by child-rapers and their apologists and being used by counterparts in other sections of society. If I didn't go this weekend, I had plenty of options for entertainment- more than the convention presented. There was no one and nothing there I could not see or get elsewhere. The value is gone, and if I don't see it restored soon I'm done altogether. I have no time anymore for that which doesn't provide the best value I can get. Let it burn, and take the death cult with it.

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