Sunday, May 22, 2016

#NotAtMyTable You SocJus Death Cultists

The death cult known as "Social Justice" are having issues trying to converge videogames. That resistance is reinvigorating resistance in Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror fandom as well as that of comics. While Academia remains a stronghold, it's also coming under attack now. That means that the cult's cultural warfare has to fall back to where it's based itself: tabletop gaming (especially RPGs).

Tabletop gaming is the farm league for entertainment talent in many other media. Film, television, comics, genre fiction, and videogames all draw talent from this hothouse- a hothouse that now includes intellectual property. The cult converged this niche years ago, and use it as a vector to enter those other fields, as we're now seeing when we take the time to connect the dots between individual cultists and how they factor into the bigger picture. The means? The convention scene, where these field intersect.

So, with this in mind, the cult fell back to tabletop RPGs (and gaming in general) to regroup and come again. Only, being incompetent, they put forth their hand too soon and started a new push via a hashtag: #NotAtMyTable. TD/DL: it's a push to do this:

Yep, it's that pants-on-head retarded.

The resistance, lead by those of us tabletop gamers who've been involved with Gamergate, immediately wrecked this Twitter campaign. It's also exposing the SJWs in the scene, as they are reacting just like their fellow travellers do when their shit got pushed in. Exactly the same way, down to the buzzwords. It's as if we're got the manual on these freaks now. So predictable.

Which brings me back to the goal: to impose a Code of Conduct upon an entire hobby. As noted in this Vox Populi post these Codes are actually socio-political weapons to be used against Wrong-Thinkers to seize and maintain control. Quoting the specific bit:

Notice the First Law of SJW at work: the initial suggestion is that the Code of Conduct is simply about being nice, and that there is nothing controversial about it. But then, the moment that anyone objects, the fact that there is controversy only proves the need for this uncontroversial policy to be implemented. And then notice how, although the Code is said to be about nothing but feelings, it needs "teeth" and private enforcement in order to be "tenable".

And don't forget the Second Law of SJW: SJWs always double down. No sooner did Ferrara withdraw his attempt to impose the Code of Conduct on the project than someone else proposed it again.

So, what is this code? Well, see for yourself:

This is exactly the script Vox Day talked about in the post I linked to above. Following a bullshit Threat Narrative as its premise, we see the same Harassment Against Women And Minorities excuse to police thought and behavior- and shit-can everyone that doesn't comply wholly in mind and body upon demand. (Also, if you're checking the tag on Twitter, watch for the SJW Tells: unnatural hair, cult affiliations, hatred of Natural Law and tradition, hatred for the West, etc.)

Well done, Death Cultists. Turnabout is fair game, and you have most certainly made yourselves Fair Game. I will not tolerate you frauds, fakes, or traitors (and that's ALL of you SJWs in ALL of the culture niches) in my presence any longer. Get out. #NotAtMyTable


There's your proof that is shit is staged. It's the same pattern as many an attack against vidya, comics, etc. down to a retreat to bullshit HARASSMENT! claims when it goes wrong. Liars, thieves, traitors, and frauds- criminals all, and go you shall. #NotAtMyTable

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