Monday, May 23, 2016

Narrative Warfare: The Goal of a Code of Conduct Coup

We are wise to resist the imposition of Codes of Conduct in our affairs by apparent concerned parties. The reality is that such parties wield such codes as weapons to purge those opposed to such parties in a deniable manner under the color of policy (or even color of law), and then lock down control of whatever they seized before wholesale conversion to the real purpose of the new regime for the thing so seized.

This is what, at its core, #NotAtMyTable is about.

It sounds stupid, and that's because it is, but stay with me here. The failure to get this adopted right now means only that those pushing it will fall back a little further to a position where they can make this stick: Organized Play.

That means targeting store events and conventions, and with regard to the conventions the cult already has many of them partially or wholly converged. Many tabletop publishers are also partially or wholly converged. Using these positions as leverage, they will push to force both adoption and conformity to this Code of Conduct.

As politics is downstream of culture in the main, so it is in the niche. The aim is to use Organized Play to engineer tabletop gaming's culture to conform to SJW dogma, thus converging it utterly over time; driving out opposition such as Yours Truly, through the exploitation of intentionally vague and misleading (no, let's be honest here; they're lying, so it's a lie) definitions of "harassment" and other buzzwords to cull unwanted people outlined in this Survival Guide to a SJW Attack.

Once they are able to control the language, they can control the culture. Once they control the culture, they control the politics. (This is where their harping about "representation" comes from: it's weaponizing language, using lies to warp perception of reality, and thus get you to think as they do while forgetting that their defined term is completely fucking irrelevant.) After a few loads of cultural brainwashing, tabletop gaming looks like a bag of Trigglypuffs at a Milo & Based Mom event- and then they use it (again) to Spread The Love as one becomes a Pod Person.

(They do seems out of sorts like that, don't they?)

That's the goal: to turn our hobby into a staging ground for their Black Crusade. *ahem* #NotAtMyTable

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