Saturday, May 21, 2016

In Case You Missed It: Geek Gab w/ HUGO-NOMINEE Razorfist

If you missed this when it was live yesterday evening (my time), then here is your archived audio fresh from YouTube to enjoy. This was a load of fun, and went well over the use 30 minutes that the Gab aims for. I do hope that Razorfist returns down the road for a discussion focused more on one particular topic, as he's quite knowledgeable about a lot of things the Gab is about and the show would benefit from his presence.

As for the Gab, this guest appearance is a Big Deal for the Little Podcast That Could. Hopefully more folks of a compatible demeanor take notice and decide to come on the show in the future for some fun banter- and more folks show up when it's live to keep the chat room filled with questions and stuff.

Geek Gab. Follow along and be there. As Razorfist says, God-Fucking-Speed!

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