Thursday, March 24, 2016

Real Justice Trump Social Justice

Hulk Hogan won a major victory in his civil suit against Gawker. Gregory Allen Scott beat a ridiculous criminal charge because some feminist got her feelings hurt. Now, today, Jian Ghomeshi beat a criminal charge because some chicks he fucked felt regret after the fact and had to cover their asses lest they be known as dirty, degenerate, and very easy sluts.

In each case, the SocJus reaction was (a) predictable and (b) hilarious.

When these SocJus cultists get put into a Court of Law, their bullshit melts faster than butter on a griddle. None of the cases (Gawker, or the Crown in the latter two) had actual evidence that could logically and consistently support the claims in their arguments when put before a judge (or a jury).

Real justice, like real science, requires rigor that SocJus denies.

So, when I see the usual suspects whining about how the law is raciss and sexiss and mansplainin' and oh shut the fuck up, well...

Top kek, as the kids say.

The Social Justice cultists are so far up their own asses (figuratively speaking, I hope) due to their current (and eroding) position in the media that they forget something fundamental to everyday: status is contextual.

Once you walk into a Court of Law, who you are and what you believe doesn't mean shit. What matters is what you claim, and how you support that claim according to the court's rules and procedures. It's a logical, orderly, and structured process that has as its goal the production of findings of objective fact and the adjudication of conflicting claims therein. Your feelings are UTTERLY FUCKING IRRELEVANT.

And that's why I call "Social Justice" to be a fucking death cult; once you deny reality, you've knifed reason to death on that altar to a demon that will continue to oppress you until you come out from it- and from there, it's a short step to sacrificing the lives of others to further please your evil ways.

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