Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Europe's Refuge Crisis: A Radio 3Fourteen Interview w/ Col. Richmond of "Hasta la Vista EUROPE!"

The following is from Radio 3Fourteen, Lana Lokteff's show at Red Ice Creations:
Col. Walter T. Richmond is the penname of the author of the new book, “Hasta la Vista EUROPE!” A member of a military veteran family, Col. Richmond was born and grew up in the US. After graduating basic and officer training at the top of his class, and serving in a variety of emergency, law enforcement, and disaster response capacities, Richmond was commissioned a colonel in the 1990s. He then left uniformed services and worked in various television, radio, communications, and media-related fields.

Walter first explains his inspiration for writing the book, which was sparked as the insanity of the refugee invasion of Europe was unfolding and he observed a great disparity between what was being portrayed in the mainstream media and the independent videos surfacing on the internet. Walter’s background of specializing in strategic messaging provides a unique perspective on what he calls the “old-fashioned-controlled-media” and his book outlines the tricks that have been used to propagandize the “refugee crisis.” We discuss Chancellor Angela Merkel’s horrible failure at managing the invasion in Germany, and the resulting unprecedented pressure on its health care system, infrastructure, and public services. Richmond outlines some disturbing figures concerning the European housing market and its millions of homeless natives, and the lawlessness that has ensued as special interests groups bend over backwards to provide shelter to migrants. We look at techniques the media is using to craft fairytales about the people of the refugee flood, a disturbing percentage of which are fighting age men and child soldiers with zero education who never intend to assimilate or return to their countries of origin. At the end, Walter emphasizes how EU countries that have been placed on the fast track to multiculturalization are enacting insane policies designed to dismiss and even protect migrant criminals, rapists and murderers while ensuring these savages aren’t unduly offended by ancient European traditions and practices.

This interview occurred before the Brussels attack of yesterday, and I suspect before the arrest in Belgium of the Paris attacks' shot-caller in the days before as well as the Ankara attacks before that. That temporal context matters here, as the Col.'s commentary will not take recent events into account. Not that it will matter much.

What this episode makes clear is the following:
  • The media establishment is wholly assimilated into the Establishment. They actively lie about the facts.
  • The Establishment is complicit, willingly and actively, in the crisis; they sided with the migrants against their own kind.
  • The push to squelch the Internet exists because it allows dissenters to organize and communicate unfettered.
  • The migrants are refusing to assimilate, set up their own enclaves, and instead impose their culture upon the locals- conquest.
  • The population's problem is in realizing (a) the elites betrayed them and then (b) defending themselves against TWO potent threats.
  • The answer cannot come from the Rule of Law so long as the treasonous elites remain in power- they have to go FIRST.
It's not hard to see where this goes from here. The elites, as a class, hate the native European common folks and want to replace them. They still require political cover to do so, however, which is why this migrant crisis exists.

The more cunning and competent in the Establishment are intending to provoke a violent counter-punch, and they wholly intend to do so via pushing the native population to defend itself via existential threat (i.e. letting the migrants butcher them).

Then comes the hammer, or so the plan goes, justifying open and brutal tyranny upon the natives via a police state disappearing dissidents under color of law.

This is why the elites have to go first. The migrants have to be held at bay (for my gamers, think "off-tank the add") until the elites go down and their interference is eliminated. If it can be done peacefully via political means, as seems to be the case in the United States (and I hope it is), do that. If not, then you know damn well that you have only one other option, so commit to it and get on with it.

Which brings me to a point I made in the wake of the Brussels attack: The Long Peace of the West is done.

The fantastic illusions of the post-World War 2 zeitgeist cracked already, and now comes down in a shower of intellectual ruin as the dogma of Multi-Culturalism proves itself to be the fraud (and poison) that it always was. Globalism is genocide, Diversity is extermination, and NO ONE is immune. (Which makes the moves by Europe's elites clear to be insanity and delusional.) Nationalism, and only Nationalism, will work- and then, only tied to perfect sovereignty therein.

Without Nationalism, nothing else of the Enlightment (or Western Civilization) holds up. The Peace of Westphalia falls without it. This crisis, and the elites' throwing open the gates to them, is a direct threat to the West. Until the people get up and throw down the traitors, no other solution will work; get rid of the traitors, then the migrants, and the West endures.

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