Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson on the Brussels Attack

He ain't fucking around. This is the sort of insanity he's talking about:

The mask is off. We know, thanks to the revelation of the institutional practice of taqiyya, that "persecution" means "any instance where we cannot fully act as our dogma requires".

We know, thanks to the freer flow of information that the Internet provides, that much of what the Western apologists claim as "moderate" isn't that moderate, but rather cowardice because they want the results of "fanatics" acting without taking the risks. Most common is the harboring of "fanatics" or "radicals" inside their enclaves, as the arrest of Paris shot-caller Salah Abdeslam in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek demonstrates.

The illusion of a global peace filled with multi-culti love and tolerance as we gleefully blend together into an eventual best-of-all entity is done. The Long Peace bought by the sacrifice of blood, bone, and fire in World War 2 for the West is done. This is Nemesis in action, wrecking once more the Babel-like tower of delusion brought about by too long a disconnection from reality.

The reality is that we are separate and distinct nations. We cannot have peace if we are too close to other nations. The definition of Empire is a political or economic regime that compels two or more nations to dwell together within its confines. It requires coercion to maintain itself, and when it cannot it always collapses into a horrific display of violence as the nations finally sort their differences using force and guile.

So, when someone manages to create a global empire, and that empire collapses, what do you think is going to happen?

You're looking at it.

This is a bigger thing than the last 40 years. This goes on before the founding of Israel. While the modern form is a creation of World War 1 and its imperial politics (which is where the anti-imperialist angle bases its arguments), this shit's been a thing since the get-go. It's just that the modern form has to be couched in delicate euphemisms lest some overly-sensitive git with an attack lawyer sic 'em on you, or worse. (Just go listen to some academic expert on Islam talk about "Orientalism" sometime; this will come up.)

The "long century" of the 20th century is done. As the first World War ended the zeitgeist of the 19th century, so will this end that of the 20th. Before long, like it or not, this will become open conflict between the West and the Shadow. Fortunately, this will also revive what the West truly is, and with it bring victory- but not without cost, one of which is the delusion that we alone can save ourselves.

Get ready. Something like this is soon to happen.

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