Friday, March 25, 2016

The Mainstream Media Is Going Down

Mike Cernovich's Tweet made in the wake of the emerging (as of this post) Ted Cruz Sex Scandal summarizes the Establishment media quite well:

Cernovich got wind that the National Enquirer would run the story last night. He got word that Breitbart sat on it after internal superiors put the kabosh on it earlier, something confirmed by Allum Bokhari later. Cernovich's article at Danger & Play has the relevant details.

Today he put out a follow-up article, and this is where he again hammered the point I showed above, a point he concludes on after pointing out that Cruz is a known liar and backstabber who can't be trusted- which lead to one of the mistresses lashing out at Cernovich over his successful drive to compel the scandal's coverage.

He's right. That's not a denial.

While the sex gets the attention due to the sizzle, the meat is the transfer of $500K to one of the alleged mistresses- one that worked as one of Carly Fiorina's manager. That's the sort of shit that that gets the FEC involved, and that means investigations with the threat of criminal charges and subsequent trials- the sort of thing that ends campaigns, careers, and lives.

Meanwhile, the Establishment media sat on their asses all night. Cernovich saw this as coordination on a narrative shift, and he was right, which is part of what prompted the Tweet at the top: they're worse than useless, and have to be harangued into doing their purported jobs properly. So, as they are unfit for purpose, they should be destroyed and replaced.

And Mike Cernovich is leading the charge.

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