Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Group Recommendation: Honey Badger Brigade

If you're paying attention to the infestation of the cancer that is the "Social Justice" death cult in popular culture, then you know about the Honey Badgers and their unlawful expulsion from the Calgary Expo last year. Well, one look at their website makes it clear why the SocJus cult hates them: they don't buy into the cult's bullshit, and--as their namesake implies--they couldn't care less about the cult's degenerate dogma.

They are quite active on YouTube, running livestreams several times a week and then posting them as videos after the fact. Many of them are lengthy, in the realm of multiple hours, and they are prone to being rough at times, but they are an authentic group of individuals who repeatedly demonstrate that they get what reality is about and know that the SocJus cult isn't- and deal with them accordingly.

Below I've embedded Nerdrevolt #49: [UNSOLICITED OPINIONS ABOUT ISRAEL???]. This is typical of the good quality of content you can expect from the Honey Badgers, and from their YouTube channel you can find and subscribe to the channels of the members and regular guests of the Brigade. These are good people, folks, and worthy of your time.

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