Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The West Must Love Itself To Save Itself

The Twin Cities had half a foot of snow fall over 24 hours. Digging out is done, but I am tired; it's not that the work itself was arduous, but that it had to be done while keeping warm and dealing with a nasty wind chill. While now back inside where it is warm, dry, and soft (especially soft) I am reminded of a demonstrable truth:

Politics is downstream of Culture.

The SocJus cult gets this. That's why they target cultural institutions first. Convergence is done to spread this infection, transitioning the cultural infection to political power as soon as a critical mass hits and then immediately transformed to legal infrastructure to support the next iteration of the cycle.

While this is not typical of all of their output, this Eluveitie song nails the cultural approach successful resistance to SocJus corruption within Western Civilization and hostile invasion from without must build upon to create the political will that creates the conditions for victory: open, unabashed love of home and one's own people first and foremost.

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