Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vlog Recommendation: Ahoy

Ahoy is a man who runs a YouTube channel focused on videogames, but rather than just doing Best Of or Gameplay Moments, he delves into the history of various aspects of the business. This video is one such thing, where he does a very lengthy and detailed retrospective into one of the biggest games in the history of the medium.

Sometimes he flips the script. Instead of doing videos meant to inform outsiders about videogames, he does something for gamers to inform them about the things they play with (his series of videos about various firearms being most obvious). You can see the attention to detail in each one, which is why they come out at the frequency (or lack thereof) that they do. This video below is atypical in its length, but typical in the quality of the work presented. Another exceptional work of his is Nuclear Fruit, his presentation on how the Cold War influenced the rise of videogames as a medium.

He's worth following. Below is the aforementioned Doom retro-spective. Enjoy.

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