Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: Yes, That Is a Sturmgewehr,

We dropped by Hill & Mac Gunworks booth to check out the new STG-N. This rifle is an awesome homage to the original Sturmgewehr STG-44 in every way with many modern features that folks will enjoy. H&M will also offer this firearm in a pistol for as well and in several calibers including the original 7.92 Kurz.

Yep, this is the IV8888 folks what work for Moss Pawn & Gun attending--as Media--the 2016 SHOT Show. They're releasing a lot of short videos such as this one, and I am pleased that new centerfire-chambered STGs are soon to arrive at the Friendly Local Gun Shop. I'm even more pleased that the option includes the original chambering, regardless of how rare or expensive such ammunition is, and despite these not being select-fire rifles. (You can also get it in .22 Long Rifle.)

This is immediately on the Wish List, one in the original and one in a more common cartridge, and I want to focus on using them in terms of Living History applications (in addition to just enjoying a replica of a historical game-changing firearm; your ARs and AKs come from this rifle).

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