Friday, January 22, 2016

Narrative Warfare: In Canada, Freedom of Speech Holds

Allum Bokhari reported out of Breitbart today this:
A rare victory for free speech in Canada. Gregory Alan Elliott, the Toronto artist who was dragged through an extraordinary 3-year criminal harassment trial after he disagreed with feminists on the internet, has just been acquitted.

The story is about Gregory Alan Elliott, and his legal issues when he argued with some Social Justice cultists over Twitter. They drummed up a Narrative Warfare campaign against him that went on for three years, during which time his ability to work went down like the Hindenburg, and it held until today to see if he would actually go to prison for it.

He didn't. The court saw, and ruled, that this was just adults arguing and NOT "harassment". Not Guilty.

Not that this stopped his accusers and their allies from being Social Justice cultists. First they lied. Now they're doubling-down. (And, of course, they're projecting as if screening a 4K film on the side of a building in a snowstorm at midnight.)

And the butthurt flowed.

But it lead to a happy ending for Mr. Elliott.

He needs help with legal expenses, so if you spare some cash throw it his way.

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