Monday, February 12, 2024

The Culture: Sifting Out The Chaff In The Discourse

The Cargo Cultists panicking about Conventional Play's coming collapse are coping by going at what they think is an easier target than Magic-Users.

It's not working.

With each dustup, more people (a) hear about the #BROSR and (b) get shown the links to the archived receipts proving the #BROSR to be correct.

And those archives keep growing with each recorded session, each livestream, each podcast, each newsletter, etc. put out there and shared.

And with that pressure, bad actors acting in bad faith inevitably out themselves. So exposed, they get what they deserve- a ruinous and ruthless mockery.

For those remaining, they get to benefit from the renewed awareness to communicate How Things Work clearly and concisely- and maybe, in time, either join existing campaigns or form their own.

Can't wait for the massive mockery of "DM-as-Author" that's inevitably going to hit like a tidal wave.

  • DM: Okay, tonight I've got-
  • Player 1: Fuck that. We're going to hunt down those owlbears.
  • DM: What?
  • Player 2: Got the boys together again for this. We're going on an owlbear hunt.
  • Player 3: Imagine if we can get ourselves some owlbear eggs and start raising them as trained beasts!
  • DM: Now hold on.
  • Player 4: Indeed. Also, we can probably use some of the carcasses for spell components. Big haul there to be had. Got a full band of mercenaries to help out this time.
  • DM: Wait a minute! That's not where the story-
  • Player 1: Why are you surprised? Didn't you read the emails? We told you your plan was dogshit and substituted our own.
  • DM: Fine, you run this then. *flounces like the Gamma he is*
  • Player 1: Oh well. I'll run this. (*he does*) See if Bob still wants in or not, will ya? (*he does*) If you want in on the pizza, throw some cash in the hat on the table. (*they do*)

What part of "Medium of Player Agency" do people not get? Players drive the bus, not the Referee, in a proper campaign.

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