Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Business: The Ever-Victorious Legion Continues To Conquer

Last night Galaxy's Edge had a podcast roundup of what's going down on the Edge.

The big news is that Season 2 of GE is going to be wrapping up in the near future.

The other news speaks to a very big win for GE as a brand and a business: the increasing presence of GE Insiders as brand ambassadors expanding the reach of the brand to people that do not read, but would be interested.

The events, ARMA 3 mods, the expansion into related media (wargames and RPGs), and the steady stream of merchandise shows that Cole & Anspach have succeeded in turning independent fiction into a viable business that can pay the bills and compete with the big boys.

This is now expanding to include their Mil-Fantasy series Forgotten Ruin and the Wargate Books brand. I would expect Strange Company to do likewise in due course.

Guys, once again Cole & Anspach are worth paying attention to, even if what they write and publishing isn't to your liking. They're showing how to turn cracking out books to put out on Amazon into a real media business that punches way above its weight. Like it or not, money equals clout and clout equals influence, which is why the enemy spends so much to capture that attention.

What you're seeing here are the fruits of a plan to change the culture. This series now has purchase in the culture due to the target underservced audience--current and former military men--glomming on to it and spreading the word, something accelerating with Forgotten Ruin and Strange Company.

This is worth studying, even if you decide to do something else, just to see what they did and how they did it- especially how they adapted to changes in the environment, such as Amazon changing their algorythm.

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