Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Narrative Warfare: How To Get Your Enemies To Endorse Your Product

The new edition of Star Frontiers just got the best endorsement possible: a Point & Shriek attack by Tabletop RPG SJWs.

Oh, it gets better. The account? Claims a Bellevue, Washington address, so this is a Current Year D&D supporter and may even be someone in at Wankers By The Beach or Baizuo. They snip the text showing that the authors are based, admit reality, and have learned to not only not give a fuck about Death Cultists and their hag-like screeching with the implied moral authority that they use when doing so.

What if you just don't give a fuck?

What if you know what makes these Cultists flip their shit, deliberately target it, and just wait for the hitpieces to come out so that your enemies do your advertising for you?

That, folks, is what has gone down here. NuTSR is using Outrage Marketing to make the Cult shill their game for them and do it for free like a Reddit jannie.

Because we all know that if the Cult pulls one of these moralfag social pressure attacks, then they are--by the principle of inversion--endorsing what they attack to those who have figured out what the Cult is about.

Now I am interested in their game, because I have reason to believe that it will not be a pozzed piece of shit and that those who publish it are not people who hate me. Nice job fixing it, Cultists. It can be had here, but it's currently out of stock, and there may be availablity problems due to the hitpieces due to Cult control over certain channels, but selling direct on your own storefront is always an option so check back there from time to time.

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