Friday, January 14, 2022

Signal Boost: JD Cowan's Interrogation of SF Fandom

Author JD Cowan has made a regular feature of reviewing the history of capital-F Fandom on his blog, Worlds Between The Wasteland and the Sky. Right now he's got a series digging into a book called The Immortal Storm: A History of Science Fiction Fandom and my God does it reveal how insane things have been since the get-go.

"Science Fiction & Fantasy" and its related Fandom is a relic of the 20th century, outdated and with no purpose for what is happening today and what is to come. It was created by coddled first-worlders with no conception of reality outside their limited time and place, and were the bottom of the social rung for very good reasons. All they succeeded in doing was chasing normal people away from every space they were ever put in control of.

This book, showing their origins, truly shows how little has changed since then. And this is why they are currently on their death bed. 20th century materialism is dead and gone, and those holding onto its scraps are being blown into the dustbin of history they ironically prayed so hard for. It's all over. This is the epilogue we are living in.

And what are some of the examples of what this mutation known as Fandom evolved into? I wouldn't recommend looking into the things they have done over the decades behind the scenes. It would make a normal man's stomach churn and wonder how it got so bad. It turns out anti-social weirdos don't stop being anti-social weirdos when they organize.

This, along with previous series of articles digging into other self-congratulatory tall tales of Fandom, reveal that the madness we're seeing in Western culture now has been around for generations and its origins are truly as pathetic as Normies innately sense that it is. It also reveals the power of fanaticism; the Intolerance of the Minority has once again proven to be incredible in its power of persistance over Normies.

You'll get all this and more from the two-part (as of this post) series. Part One is here, and Part Two is here.

What else will you find by review these historical interrogations? Among other things, you will find the aforementioned patterns of Doing A Technology first arising and then immediately being coopted by bad actors to seize control and converge the entire medium to push the propaganda of their cult.

And I guarantee you that you're going to have reactions where you will go "Wait, this is what really went down?" That's the tell that you got suckered by Narrative Warfare. The enemy has told their own self-congratulatory story about themselves and this medium (and the genre) for so long that Normies and others coming in afterwords never thought to consider that they were lied to by self-aggrandizing bullshitters and cultists.

That's the value of JD's articles: the exposure of ongoing Narrative Warfare. Yes, ongoing; this is the basis of the OldPub/Hugo Crowd's claim to authority.

And it's all fake and gay bullshit- IT IS FRAUD! Yet it was pursued with religious zeal and fanatical fervor until, like the Taliban in Afghanistan, they seized power and prompted ruined everything.

Restoring the true history, therefore, has to be part of any successful movement to purge these bad actors and cleanse the culture.

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