Monday, July 26, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Way Out Is Through The Floor

Luetin released a new 40K lore video recently, and no Games Workshop's recent IP stupidity won't stop him. He gives no fucks.

First, as I said previously, the corporations need to be forcefully reminded that this sort of IP works closer to mythology, folklore, and religion than making cars. The audience--the customers--not only get a say, but they by default are the final word. To make it otherwise, you need to establish and maintain an authority with power to enforce that authority. Things are bad, but not truly cyberpunk bad--not East India Trading Company maintaining private miliaries bad, or hiring mercenary killers bad--as yet.

Therefore, for those that cannot adhere to #BrandZero, simply ignoring the impotent proclamations of corporate owners and doing what is good for the hobby anyway is a viable option. Therefore I have no problems with people like Arch telling GW to go fuck itself, with fan animators making better stuff than GW and doing guerilla distribution of their works, with recasters and 3D modellers undercutting GW's own Muh Officialdum model policies by making unavailable or ill-available bits and kits available again on the cheap or free, and with off-brand paints (by rival companies or even homemade recipes) shamelessly saying "Just like (GW paint)!"

Just keep quiet about it to maintain deniability, and no one will ever know at the table--for those rare times these days when in-person play occurs--that you weren't 100% compliant with GW's fucking retarded Muh Officialdum policies.

We have reached a point now where the ability to engage in some hobbies can render the commercial viability of the hobby nil. In afflicted IPs, this needs to be weaponized and made deliberate hobbyist practice. This is already the case with tabletop RPGs, and now tabletop wargaming has reached that point, and other gaming media are not that far behind the curve.

And once this very idea breaks containment, the commercial viability will tank and all the clout-chasing parasites will flee with the money and status. That leaves the losers, Leonards, and other low-status Death Cultists that can be readily dealt with properly. Only the hobbyists remain, and without money there is no clout so gatekeeping entryists out becomes a lot easier.

Jeffro's rediscovery of the true roots of RPGs has shown the way out, and it's through the floor.

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