Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Business: The Littlest Chickenhawk Is Scalzi-Tier Bad

If you ever had cause to ask "What would the Fake Right version of John Scalzi look like?" then come see your answer: Ben Shapiru (sic) did it.

I hope that Benny-boy wrote this himself, rather than use a ghost-writer, because this is some cringy shit that throws off Gamma Male flags like they're in a Category 5 hurricane.

Note the tells: SMRT Boi Fuck Masculinity N Shit just happens to transform more-or-less overnight into a Gamma's take on Alpha Chad, but because he's still a SMRT Boi he does Chad things Because Reasons and succeeds. That's some Mary Sue shit, and we're not getting better from The Littlest Chickenhawk thereafter as Geeters' summary shows. The rest of the thread ain't doing Benny any favors either.

I've been around long enough to see patterns like this play out more than a few times, and that's why I'm good with putting this out now. I fully expect later reviews, the honest ones, to dunk good and hard on this cringy shit when it's not dunking on other things that he could get a good sense of just by listening to people who do or did the sort of things he writes about.

Take note, folks. If you think you're not good enough to get it out there, look at how shit-tier this is and know you can do better. You can write better than any of these fakes and you can put it out there for people to buy and read. It's not the old days; you can show them up, you can show how trash they are by doing better with far less, and all you need to do is produce and publish via Amazon.


  1. Bradford

    And here I am struggling to finish my novel in Catalan because I want to challenge myself.
    And guys like Dan Brown or even Shapiro write crap and make trillions.
    Perhaps I should dust off the blog and write some short fiction in English and Catalan

    Decisions.. decisions.


  2. Dang. I'll have to actually get writing. Even I can do better than that.


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