Thursday, September 3, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Hedgehog Glows

This happened a few days ago.

That's right, Big Ron glows in the dark. RESET THE CLOCK!

I'll save the anti-porn crusading to the better-informed, but on the topic of the curious connections of spooks to the culture industries--including the seedy side--I am quite familiar and I wish I could say that this surprised me. No, what surprised me is not that there's a spook connection. What surprised me is that he is that well-connected; I figured he was a Useful Idiot long since discarded.

It's also not the first unexpected connection to spookdom I've seen. I never thought my elderly preacher uncle was CIA, but he was when he was on mission in Uganda in the '60s. Never thought I'd run into spook-tied spawn in tabletop RPGs, but there's that MI6-tied guy who writes books about China (James Palmer) that curiously support a specific Globohomo narrative.

Most of the anti-porn crusading isn't going to find purchase with normies until the exploitation hits someone--some woman or child--close to them, or they can see how others use the porn business as a front for other nefarious perfidity such as compromising government and corporate officials at all levels of society so the network can blackmail them into doing what's demanded of them. Sad as it may be, most folks today grok blackmail as an abstract over sexual predation. That's what bringing up and exposing the spook ties is actually about, and for what it's worth it isn't done entirely for nihilistic or cynical reasons.

In short, some journos with humanity are attempting to use that angle to make normies give a shit about porn. It's going to help; it will not be a silver bullet. Please don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good; once they accept that the porn business is bad at all, you can demonstrate the moral element to the problem and persuade them of it because they'll be more likely to listen.


Multiple layers, folks. There can be both a spiritual and a political reason for a thing to be bad.

Scratching the surface for any corruption of the culture and you will find spooks involved. Not just KGB. A lot of this was CIA/OSS, and when you dig deep enough those distinctions disappear into the more familiar (for us, now) divide of pro and anti-Globohomo. This is where things like the Finders and all those missing kids being recovered come into the situation; the above-the-fold porn business masks the under-the-table trafficking of all sorts of vulnerable people, some of which is to slake thirsts that cannot be countenanced (e.g. the pedos those kids were meant for), and the rest is to play honeytrap in operations like that Epstein and Maxwell ran.

It's been going on a very long time. The Franklin Coverup is an older episode displaying all the same elements at work, but the game and its aims are the same.

So are the other cults that have been revealed.

I find it very curious that Jim's Other Very Good Friend, Quaranteened Coof, has cancer now. It wasn't that long ago that Jim did his streams about the Finders and then things began to go tits-up for him and his Very Good Friends. I wonder if he's had any unusual stinging over the last year or so.

So yeah, I expect Ron to suddenly have terminal cancer explode in his body and the obvious comorbidities will ensure that he dies of cancer right quick without much in the way of outcry. Because he's not going to kill himself, or have someone else let him kill himself (ala Epstein). Unless Trump moves fast to secure him, Ron's a gonner; he knows just enough to know too much about how the business really works or to what ends- not with all these inexplicable recoveries of missing children going down. Ron glows, and the Agency's likely thinking of how to give him his last starring role in a snuff film.

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  1. We need a full scale investigation of Laurel Canyon, at this point. It's insane that it has never happened. There is too much madness that originated there.


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