Saturday, June 20, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Geek Gab Talks Ascension Epoch

This week on Geek Gab, in addition to a Warpig Rant on the most pathetic and bitchy slashfic/revenge-fic AAA gaming has yet seen, the show welcomes the team behind the indie Ascension Epoch: Mike DiBaggio and Shell DiBaggio.

This is a multi-media project operating as an Open Source project.

No one has tried this before. That's what makes Epoch notable and interesting, giving it a position that makes it stand out compared to mainstream or alternative competitors, and the structure of their property and business spans multiple genres with interlocking--but not required--reading. This is intended, and built into the property from the very foundation. They get into this on the About page and the FAQ. The link for Heroic Adventure Fiction is here.

They take the time to explain how it all works, so come for the rant and stay for the heroes.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our little project. Shell and I very much appreciate it!


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