Friday, June 19, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Cute Aggression Is A Weapon Against Poz

From the chans comes a very useful, independently-verifiable claim about something you can use every day to improve your life: Cute Aggression as a means to detect and remove Commies, Shitlibs, and Satanists.

Read that. Click the link if you want the full thread; click the image if you don't but need it bigger. Big find here.

This is why they hate Japan. This the material manifestation for why they can't handle the Beautiful and seek to degrade before they destroy; the humiliation is intended as much to assuage the abuser's amygdala as it is to afflict the victim's, a "No You, Christcuck!" retort as they rip the beautiful apart before finishing the job. The cruelty is part of the process by design.

The shitlords--God bless you all--at /pol/ noticed that this applies to all of the cultural attacks. Commentators with knowledge of the occult like Jay Dyer and the Vigilant Citizen have noticed this in regards to narrative patterns for various films, especially where the villains specifically target children and young girls. Wrath of Gnon shows this on the architectural and urbanism scale, as do other pro-aesthetic Twitter accounts.

It's a reliable pattern, which means they can't control its expression and thus it remains a reliable tell for the poz. It also means that we have a reliable weapon against them, and we have to be shameless in using it so. They cannot abide the glory of God, and cuteness is its reflection in life emphasizing innocence. (The tie between cuteness and neoteny is also known, and likely also plays a roll in the aggression; e.g. Snow White)

The Good, The Beautiful, The True. Adhere to those and you'll go far against the poz. Wield them as weapons and you'll go farther.

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