Saturday, May 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: A Profile On The Mammon Mob

RetroBlasting cut a video that nails the psychology of the Mammon Mob that feeds into the Death Cult and how the former enables the latter.

To quote Brian Niemeier, author of Don't Give Money To People Who Hate You: What sets the Mammon Mob apart from political ideology and into the cult category is its adherents' elevation of practical political matters to articles of faith. Ignoring clear and obvious winning political moves such as supporting student loan debt forgiveness on the grounds of National Security (which is the case, due to economic predation by hostile traitors and foreigners) is one current expression of this cult's dogma. Brian's gone into others in the linked post above.

It plays into the Death Cult because, like the Pop (Culture) Cult, it is ultimately a false materialist psuedo-religion that ends in nihilism and nihilism is the Death Cult and it is no surprise that Mammon Mobsters are the sorts described in the Retroblasting video: men ultimately of Gamma mindset (whatever their relative status where they are) and the women they enable, running on the same envy and spite that Death Cultists run on- and thus ultimately stemming from the same deficit of character, and thus spawned from the same source.

This is why "Get rid of the SJWs" is not sufficient. They'll just recoverge down the road because they know how to seem agreeable to corporate Mammon Mobsters, as they are all fellow travelers serving the same end via different means. You have to purge the business environment itself of the Mammon Mob, and that means far more fundamental restorations of old prohibitions--including their severe enforcement mechanisms--such as Usury being banned and regular debt jubilees. In short, you can't have this problem if you salt the soil upon which it grew.

In the meantime, we can stop being paypigs--which is how the Mob sees us--and do as Brian's book says. Speaking of which, you find a link here to buy yourself a copy.

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