Friday, May 1, 2020

Narrative Warfare: "Fuck You, Dad!" Drives Convergence

Midnight's Edge has done a lot of good reporting this week on what's going on with the Devil Mouse, but this video is where it comes together.

This is not me coping with the murder of a franchise. This is me giving confirmation of what Brian Niemeier puts forth in his new book, Don't Give Money To People Who Hate You.

There is no other way to put this: Kathleen Kennedy hates George Lucas, and once she got what she wanted out of him she turned on him and set about destroying what he built in an envy-driving orgy of "Fuck You, Dad!" destruction. Rather than make this about Mouse Wars specifically, let's take this up a step to the pattern of Death Cult destruction in general, as what we see here (and in gaming we're seeing now with The Last of Us) is hardly unique or even uncommon.

The drive for the Death Cult, and its SJW front group, to destroy cultural icons great and small is entirely out of envy and spite. The replacement of those icons with their own propaganda wearing those icons as skinsuits is not either; it is the expressed goal.

Kennedy's goal with Mouse Wars was to kill Lucas's creation, skin it, and use it to clothe Death Cult propaganda for future generations as a tool of indoctrination. That insiders are now coming out to confess that she--not Rian--was the driving force behind The Last Jedi is as hard a confirmation as you're going to get short of hearing it straight from her mouth. (That the women are deliberately defeminized to appease the trannies remains a rumor, however it's hard to argue against it given what's been going on recently.)

The pattern is a simple one to follow now that we've seen enough of it. A lying, bitter, but either connected or charismatic Death Cultist takes over a property. They hate all that it is about because it expresses some combination of healthy, normal morality in action so they set about replacing established characters with new ones that express Death Cult ideology or change the existing ones into such. The holdovers are often killed off literally or metaphorically to make way for the new Woke versions. The result is either that the audience--which is also intended to be a replacement for the existing one--embraces this as It or (more likely) that it crashes with no survivors and leaves a ruined crater as the audience abandons it in disgust. It's hardly a new pattern; it's as old as Mankind itself.


Sure, they'd rather have the propaganda outlet, but mere destruction is acceptable so long as it denies us some source of strength by which we can resist them. That's why it is folly to rest your identity in popular culture instead of far stronger stuff, backed by far more powerful forces; the Death Cult uses the Corporate IP Death Cycle to its advantage because it is the path of least resistance, and they converge in a now-predictable pattern for the same reason. There's a lot to be done, but the second part (after not giving them your money) is to become a hard target across the board.

It's an anti-religion of envy and spite born of thwarted pride, echoing history's original Gamma: Satan. Now that we have the profile, we can deal with it. Handle that shit.


  1. Bradford

    At some point we have ask if these peoplecif not posessesd are demonically oppressed.
    There's no other way to explain the utterly irrational virulence they express.
    It doesn't make sense from secular analyses but theologically it does.

  2. Bradford

    Got it thanks



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