Friday, May 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Failed Bombings Are Still Bombings

And now, a bit of good news, courtesy of The Quartering.

Filed under "Get Woke, Go Broke", it's good to see that this pozzed variant crashed and burned. Some good news on a Friday is a welcome thing.


The Death Cult finds this acceptable insofar as they retain control over the company, even if their Humiliation Ritual-as-Boardgame didn't go as desired, because crashing the organizations that they converge is part-and-parcel of the praxis of their creed. That's because these moves are cultural suicide bombings, and even failed bombings make an impact upon the target.

So long as the pushback doesn't cause them to lose ground on the moral level of conflict-which is where the Death Cult operates from--then it won't hit them where it hurts them because pain is not damage and they care about pain. Fortunately, we can do both.

Until a critical mass of opposition is willing to actually fight back and not just complain, these moves by Hasbro and others (e.g. Naughty Dog) will continue. Once people get comfortable with actively tracking where their money goes, we can make more moves of our own and make them stick.

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