Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Business: The Fragility In Corporate Media Is Real

Diamond, the distributor with a monopoly on American comics distribution (and handling boardgame and tabletop RPG, etc. stuff also), has ceased taken product. This includes DC and Marvel. The American comic shop scene, already on fire, just had gasoline poured on it.

I cannot care less.

The collapse being spoken of in the above video is a part of the larger collapse of the Western entertainment business, which is a rotten zombie corpse now experience a failure cascade as its putrescence reaches critical mass and body parts start falling off. What those bemoaning the collapse don't understand is that the ghettoization of American comics via comic shops has the same effect that killing the Pulps did in ghettoizing science fiction: it allowed ideologues to seize control and turn it into its current form, albeit in a process done in steps over time.

And that, naturally, has meant that the shops themselves became reflecting of what's sold in them over time. Don't tell me that it's not; I've been there and seen with my own eyes, so I won't have folks gainsaying me on this. Just as American comics generally have ceased to justify their existence, so has the infrastructure erected to sell them. Burn it all to ash and replace it with something that actually satisfies the audience and regenerates the culture again.

No, I won't miss the comic shops. They ceased to be fit for purpose a long time ago; it's only now that the inertia has finally worn down enough to bring it all to a stop.

That's not all I won't miss. First one of the Big 5 is in its death throws, now this, and maybe the movie theater business collapses also.

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