Thursday, March 5, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Nurgle Is Wholly Fictional, Right?

Stuff like this makes you think we don't merely have incompetents inadvertently serving the Death Cult. This is straight up Nurgle-worship.

There is no good reason for the city government of Seattle, or the county government wherein Seattle rests, or the state of Washington to not immediately step in and shut this--and all other events--down. Corona-chan has already killed several elderly long-term care patients, and therefore has likely spread to the staff serving them by now as well as their families. Seattle is, like it or not, a Hot Zone; future case reporting will make this obvious before this month is over. Competent, responsible government serves the public interest and that interest demands the shut-down of luxury movements- and Emerald City Comic Con qualifies.

The lawyers and judges that recover from this will be busy with the liability suits to come from decisions like this, all of which is foresable and preventable.

Someone's benefiting from pushing this "It's just a flu, bro!" narrative. Exactly whom, not generally whom, is likely going to answer why Western responses--not just American--are so damned incompetent compared to how even the ChiComs are handling it.

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