Friday, March 6, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Chokepoint Control Demonstrated

A while back, friend of the Retreat Rawle Nyanzi pointed out that SJWs in the West can successfully attack anime and manga. Now we're seeing it become obvious what the go-to approach to this attack is: choking the translation/license strategic point, where SJW translator teams willfully act in bad faith to insert SJW meme-disease elements into the licensed translations while de facto monopolizing officially-licensed works via turning the Big Brands of the business into a cartel under their control.

The corporate infection follows the usual SJW playbook--dominate HR, use that to get more fellow-travelers into position, converge ASAP while purging WrongThinkers (this, by the by, is how and why Vic Mignogna got targetted; he's an open Christian and thus a WrongThinker). However, due to the long presence of piracy and fan translation in Western anime and manga fandom, facilitated by Anglophone (et. al.) outlets not under Western SJW control (e.g. the Southeast Asia corridor to release Super Robot Wars mainline games to the West). Imports are expensive, but the SJWs get denied their cut as well as their gatekeeping power, and to date there's been nothing more than shaming and local bans of such merchandise sales.

Until now.

Given the point-and-shriek swarming attacks done on other targets, this was inevitable. Amazon is vulnerable due to having SJWs in junior positions who are amenable to SJW swarm attacks, and one can likely assume that Ebay and other Western-controlled outlets will feel the swarm in the days to follow once Amazon's seen to bend the knee. As usual, the SJWs in the media will reliably inform you that this is the play by making a big deal out of it once such swarming gets sufficient momentum to amplify in their outlets.

Which will mean, if this goes on, that they'll go after Playasia and other importers in due course. But in the meantime, remember that SJWs dominate the fan con circuit and as such you can expect more and more conventions to ban or restrict such merchandise as well as put more programming and policy in place to shame people out of buying and using it in favor of whatever they offer (if they offer anything at all).

They'll go after the importers, starting at the Dealer's Room and small-timer level (as we see in the video) online and working up from there, to constrict commerce in IPs they don't control until they can cut it off entirely. (Remember that Millenials are starting to take junior government positions, so this will involve more censorship calls soon.) The narrative beats will be refinements of what you see here, using their media control to do so over time.

Then they'll go after the pirate sites, starting with the porn-focused ones. Here the goal isn't so much a shut-down as a cut-off; it's sufficient if they can force the site to not allow connections from IP addresses in countries they're in. Couple this with attacks, aiming at bans that are felonies to violate (and, I remind you, felony convictions have a whole host of other lasting or permanent restrictions on you) on encryption and VPN usage and you will find a viable threat to access to alternatives to their offerings forming- one that Boomers will back as it's a scheme that also supports Boomer Media Establishments.

About that.

The point of the game here is to control the points of access between Japan and the West, in terms of business. If the SJWs are serious about pursuing this method to control anime and manga in the West, making alternatives to their pozzed translations and related offerings either impossible or too dangerous to acquire (and make no joke about it, all it takes is ONE savvy SJW to organize the rest) via the power of state sanction is how they'll do it in the short to medium term while they work long-term to poz Japan's culture to their meme-disease.

Fortunately, SJWs don't human very well, and it is that incompetence that gives us hope that we can help prevent over there what's already a crisis here.

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