Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sabaton: Smarter Than The Average Band

It's Thursday, so that means a new Sabaton History video.

I continue to be impressed with Sabaton, and today it's not just what story they put to music and how they approached it, but the display of good sense to partner with others doing something similar in another field. In short, what they did recently by partnering with World of Warships to promote "Bismark" is not the first time around; they did it previously with World of Tanks and with the game sharing the name of this song. Historically aware and business savvy? That's a display of good sense I don't see in music business acts much. (Iron Maiden tracking piracy to find where to play live is another, and Razorfist can tell you how smart Michael Jackson was.)

And yes, that savvy includes doing these videos, but that should be obvious. I put all of their albums on my Wish List at Amazon due to these videos, and I even added some movies to my Watch List because of Sabaton fans using them in their fan music videos; more reading on the stories they sing about will follow, starting with Osprey books and going deeper from there.

Star Knight has its own historical roots, on multiple levels, and I will continue to use real history as the basis for my fantasic space adventures. Two of my backers have already figured out whom I refer to with my mastermind villain, and that's not the only historical reference I use. Reavers of the Void, the first book, goes live tomorrow but you can still pre-order now. Just click on the image below.

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  1. Bradford,

    I won"t spoil who the supreme bad guy is but Milton gave him some famous lines.
    The only baddie historical reference I did get was quisling and I know how he was.
    The one historical reference I did pick up from the book and enjoy was Robin Hood. I kept getting the Errol Flynn vibe. Which ws delightful as I enjoy that movie very much.


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