Friday, May 31, 2019

My Life As A Writer: I'm A Real Author Now

I'm a real author now. I wrote, revised, and published a book. It's up for sale at Amazon. Today that's all you need to become a real author. You don't need a contract with a publisher. You don't need to appear in retail bookstores right away. You don't need some talking head at National Public Radio or C-SPAN to interview you, nevermind talk shows. You just need to do the work, get some competent help--thanks, Brian--and set up at Amazon.

You can do this too.

It took me longer than I thought, but part of that was me being hospitalized. I am confident that I can get a second book out by Christmas at the latest, and as I get more successful I can offload more of the work that goes into the business of writing off on to better-able others I can hire to do that for me. That's going to be a while yet; for now, this is a one-man-band operation and I need to pace myself accordingly.

Now click on the image and buy yourself a copy of my debut novel. You won't fail to be entertained in the ways that Mouse Wars refused to do anymore.

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