Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Business: Arkhaven Comics Continues To Deliver

The Supreme Dark Lord hosted an Arkstream tonight:

The long and short is that feedback from retailers and other parties has been heard and heeded, leading to changes in format, which will be seen shortly. The success of Arkhaven continues, and soon Swan Night's Son will begin its journey to the stands as one of Arkhaven's non-supers offerings. Unlike DC or Marvel, Arkhaven actually listens to its customers and partners and as a result the upstart continues to upset the business and take over abandoned territory.

Imagine if a powerful corporate publisher moved in like this. Marvel and DC would be eliminated within five years. As it is, Arhkaven could do it in ten.


  1. As a manga enthusiast, I'm looking forward to seeing what Arkhaven's non-cape offerings will be like.

  2. The Ember Wars was pretty good. I'll have a blog post up later this week talking about what I liked.


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