Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Business: "Reavers of the Void" HAS MET ITS FUNDING GOAL!

WE HAVE CROSSED THE LINE! A new Perk unlocked: Major Supporting Role!

This needs some explanation.

To quote the Perk: You may appear in the series in a major supporting role. You may choose to appear as either a hero or as a villain. I will create the character in the spirit you propose, but I reserve final judgement in order to best fit the needs of the narrative.

The reason for why this Perk remained hidden until the initial funding goal is met is because there is no room for additional characters in Book One. This Perk, and the similar benefit afforded to those taking out the Premium Print Combo Perk, apply to Books 2-9 in the series.

This is a Perk for those who want to play the Muse. You're the inspiration. I'm doing the creation.

This Perk is independent of the Stretch Goals now in place, which are to guarantee the speedy writing and publishing of the rest of the series.

Why would I do this?

You can blame Scott Lynch for this.

Several of the characters appearing in his Gentleman Bastard sequence are based upon people he knows. This is hardly an unusual habit for SF/F authors, as many have confessed to the practice over the decades, so why not come forth and be open about it? Let those who are serious about this, who want to be a part of it, put their skin in the game. (That's why the Perk is at $100(US), to deter the lukewarm and make trolling expensive; the reservation will eliminate the rest of would-be trolls with more money than sense).

The reason for the cap of 50 is because that is the upper limit of additional major supporting roles in this series. It's a big galaxy, and this saga goes all over, but a narrative is a narrative and there is only so much room at any given time; if I don't talk to you for Book 2, I will by Book 9.

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  1. Bradford

    Congrats on reaching the goal. Yeah cool idea to be in a story :)



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