Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Narrative Warfare: SJWs Say We're Dead, Again.

Where have I heard this before?

Wolfgang's Twitter thread is an epic fisking of some shitstain SJW doing another Gamers Are Dead whinefest/hitpiece by the cuck that goes by "Film Critic Hulk". Go on, read the thread, it's hilarious and cringy.

It's also telling, because you do not go to this length unless the damage done is so severe that the leadership freaks out and goes Full Retard in response. This is word-salad trying hard to mask the REEEEEEEE going on behind the scenes, and once you see the tells you don't unsee it.

The pressure has to keep up, and ramp up, because the signs of brains blowing out under the stress are now appearing. This repeat of a failed narrative control tactic demonstrates that Culty Kathy and her fellow travelers have no plan to do anything about how they drove Star Wars into a cliff. They aren't even preparing for the inevitable firings. The delusion is so deep that they're acting out of nothing more than to make the BadFeels stop; rational thought has left the building.

In short, this is a sign that we're winning. Keep it up, fellow shitlords. Soon they'll burn themselves out and we can effortlessly take over.


  1. Film Crit Hulk is a male feminist. How long till #metoo?

  2. Bradford,,
    Seems Barnes and Noble wants to save itself and try to make money it just fired the CEO:


    His firing might for violation of policy might explain so much

    It's too late for the bookstore and I look forward to kobobooks buying Nook division


  3. Film Crit Hulk dreams of Harvey Weinstein's hands.


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